WWE Supercard Beginners Guide!

wwe supercard beginners guide

WWE Supercard is the trendiest wrestling card game introduced by Cat Daddy games recently. Many wrestling lovers wait for the game in which they can use their favorite wrestler against the enemy.

The fight becomes so exciting when you have real attacks to use. The set includes all the wrestling facts, features, challenges that allow players to explore endless entertainment.

Gamers can easily play or run the game on Android and iOS platforms. Also, there is no need to pay any cash for playing as it is wholly offered.

We can say that the game is fabulous for those users who love to see or play wrestling/WWE. Your target in the game is to collect cards, pass missions, upgrade attacks, receive rewards, and many more.

As compared to other sports games, WWE Supercard is getting more fame all over the world due to its gameplay and features.

In the post we are going to mention some wwe supercard cheats and tips tricks for the beginners from that they can learn how to progress faster.

WWE Supercard Guide and Tutorial

After completing the necessary formalities or questions, players are required to follow the game tutorial correctly.

It helps them to understand game basics, controls, features, functions, how to play, or what is the objective. If you are a beginner in the WWE Supercard game, don’t forget to perform this task correctly as it helps you a lot.

Sometimes understanding all basics ideally is one of the reasons behind the grateful success. So, try to watch or follow the game tutorials more.

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After setting up your wrestling card, you are also asked to choose the opponent for battle. Each card contains some specialty, power, ability, and skills. Choosing card power lower as compared to your card helps to win the fight as soon as possible.

In simple words, we can say that if you want to win the beginning levels easily, try to choose low-level wrestlers/opponents.

The wrestler with more losses than wins is considered in the low-level or low-powerful category.

Common cards

Standard cards are not so much useful in the game as it doesn’t contain special abilities or powers. However, players can also take more advantage of common cards by using them in training mode.

Using standard maps in the training room helps you to make valuable cards more powerful without getting stressed or tensed.

In-game currencies

When it comes to progress in the game faster like no one another can, all players need to maintain in-game currencies.

Collecting more currencies helps them to purchase every single update, item, card, or powers correctly without getting tensed. Here you go with wwe supercard hack that can get you free credits.

Also, it helps them to perform all tasks smoothly without facing any issue. There are two kinds of currencies used in the WWE Supercard game named as credits and energy. Both currencies contain different roles as well as advantages.

You can buy new cards, upgrades, boosters, and other necessary items smoothly. It helps them to succeed as soon as possible, like no one another can. So, try to maintain all currencies more by completing game tasks.

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