Toon Blast Cheats – Legal Toon Blast Tips and Tricks That You Should Know

Toon Blast Tips and Tricks

Match three puzzle games are one of the ancient genres; but when it comes to having cartoony funs with the puzzle-solving, Toon Blast is the recent addition to the range.

For puzzle solver fans, it is well known that there are three fundamental dynamics of these games. Knowing the objective accurately, using the proper boosters and passing the level without losing a life. But the most important is to know all the Toon Blast Cheats to earn the in-game currencies.

For the beginners of the toon blast, we are here with some Toon Blast cheats guide that will give an intuitive idea on how to beat the level, earn coins and get lives.

The Fundamental Rule to Succeed In Toon Blast

Toon Blast is quite engaging game once you adopt a few practices. The game will be added interesting if you know these toon blast hack and guides from the start of the game.

  • KNOW THE COMBOS: As you start the game, it comes with a tutorial explaining the moves and the combos at every stage of the game. The difference of the game from another match-three puzzle lies there.
  • DON’T WASTE COMBOS IN TUTORIAL: This Toon Blast Hack is useful to save the combos wasted in the tutorial. Using combos for the sake of the tutorial is a waste of them. Understand the combos, but uncheck them while starting the match.
  • TRY DOUBLE COMBO: Always create combos at adjacent places to use them for a significant output.
  • LEARN YOUR OBSTACLES: As you pass the different level, different obstacles arrive at the game. You need to be tactical in creating combos based on the challenges.
  • Play from Bottom is another rule that helps passing many levels.

How to Get More Lives in Toon Blast

In toon Blast, when you start the game, you are given five hearts of lives. These lives are auto-renewed after a specific time, but at any time the maximum accumulated life is five.

For uninterrupted play, five lives may be insufficient. But we have some Toon Blast Hack that can refill your life count.

Method 1.      Join A Team:

Join a Team

The best part of Toon Blast that makes a difference from other games is you need not be worried about lives once you join a team. You will be automatically filled with lives by your fellow members.

How to Get Lives?

Once you reach level 20, you get a chance to get attached to a team. In the chat section, you can request lives in “ask lives” button. Your fellow members can send you five lives in every four hours.

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Thumb Rule

Don’t be cheap steak, send lives to your teammates frequently to receive more.

Method 2.      Open Toon Chest

Toon Blast Chest

Every tenth level you cross, you are given one toon chest. Opening toon chest your life meter gets filled up with five lives.

Thumb Rule

If you have enough life, do not open the chest. Once you exhaust your life, use the chest to fill it up.

Method 3.      Spend Coins

You must know that five lives in Toon Blast cost you 100 coins only. Every level you pass, you get enough coins to spend some of them in buying lives.

Thumb Rule

Spending coins should be your last resort

Method 4.      Open Star Chest

Star Chest

Every level you pass, you collect 1-3 stars that get accumulated in your star chest. As your star chest receives 20 stars, you can open the chest. Star chest fills your life meter with full five lives.

Thumb Rule

When your all lives are finished open the chest to top up.

Method 5.      Take a Break

Last but not least, you can take a break for a while from the game, and when you come back, you can start again with filled up lives.

How to Hack Toon Blast?

Use two different accounts of toon blast on different devices. Play simultaneously and send lives, take a break from one and use it to the fullest.

How Do You Earn Coins in Toon Blast?

Unfortunately, there are not much Toon Blast cheats to earn coins. You have to play the game, and as you pass the level, you get coins as rewards. No toon blast mod apk can give you an unlimited coin.

A Few other Toon Blast Cheats to Earn Coins:

  • You get one coin as you send life to your teammate. So send more life to make more coin.
  • You get coins and other freebies as you open the star chest.

A Truth about Code of Toon Blast Cheats

You must be overwhelmed from the internet searches after finding a lot of sites that are providing Toon Blast cheats as code. Not to be surprised as cheat codes were used earlier in games.

On these sites, you will find some codes that look like random numbers and alphabets, which are to be used to unlock some in-app purchases. The sites say that these codes are to be entered to get these advantages in the game.

Surprisingly you will not find any site that says where these codes are to be entered. The reason is apparent; these codes do not work at all.

Toon Blast Hack Sites to Get Unlimited Coins and Lives.

At the beginning of the post, we have specified that in toon blast you can accumulate at most five lives. So unlimited lives in toon blast via toon blast hack apk is fictitious.

Speaking about unlimited coins which a lot of sites are promising to give free, it is merely fake and scam. We have tried a lot of toon blast hack apk sites but got nothing in return.

We have the same feeling about the toon blast mod apk. Mostly these mods have a lack of trustworthiness and contain malware.

We strictly recommend you to stay away from all these scams on the internet.


Toon blast cheats we have mentioned above are quite straightforward that is must know to get advantage from the beginning instead of learning after a few hurdles. However, toon blast is an expanding game. As and when we find some new one we will update in our post.

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