The Walking Dead Road to Survival Defeat the Walkers


The Walking Dead Road to Survival is all about survival, killing, and saving the team members from the zombies and opponents.

The Walking Dead Road to Survival is a Role-playing strategy game because there are several things in the game that is players have to place every step properly to lay every mode.

The main aim of the players in The Walking Dead Road to Survival is that they have to kill the walkers. Killing is important, but the main buildings and growing civilization is also an important thing.

The majority of players who play The Walking Dead Road to Survival know about the TV series, and that is why they play it because, for them, it is easy to understand it.

Scopely has added every single thing that was available in the series, and when a known player play, they just get satisfies because of the things available.

You can find lots of weapons and lots of survivors, and adding them to the team and civilization are also part of The Walking Dead Road to Survival.

Get the walking dead: road to survival on iOS and Android. Now I have written some great ways to make civilization and defeat the zombies –

Ways to Defeat the Enemy

Know Your Road Map

Well, as you know that the zombies walk on the streets, and players have to go through the same way. Maps are available for every level, and players to have to know what way is going and on what track they have to go.

While crossing the read, players will face a bunch of zombies towards, and they have to kill and avoid them to complete the level.

It looks easy, but it takes lots of strategies and plans to complete every level. Before going forward, it is important to know your road map because zombies don’t give extra time to run.

Unlock the Survivors and add them to the Team

It is beneficial, and it is important to have a huge number of team members to make the levels complete.

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There are lots of levels in the game, and if players have to unlock every character to progress, the higher level of The Walking Dead Road to Survival.

You have to save the survivors and choose the right situation in matches to win the team members and use them in battle.

Kill the Nearest Zombie First

In order to kill the zombies, and you have to know this trick that always kills the nearest zombie first and looks for the far zombies later.

The majority of players don’t follow this trick, and they end up dying quickly, so always kill the nearest enemy first if you want to survive for a long time.

Grow civilization

Making civilization is not a small or easy thing because, for this, players have to focus on several things.

You have to save the people who need help and also make to base that looks strong and has lots of resources as well to make the team strong.

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