Kim Kardashian Hollywood Guides, Tips, And Tricks

kim kardashain hollywood guides

Today we are going to discuss the most celebrity lifestyle game Kim Kardashian Hollywood. If you are a beginner, the following are the five best kim kardashian hollywood guides that you need to know while playing the game.

Create The First Impression on Others

Your appearance in the first place to any person is your primary task in the game. As an apparent reason, you should frequently be using various outfits. When you appear on the same outfit to any person at different times, you will get a buzz on the game.

You will always have some additional advantage which is called to charm the other. Your appearance must fit into that place so that the person in front of you can be charmed. You need K coins also to charm others. Make sure to use the best of kim kardashian hollywood hack in order to earn K coins legally from the game.

Choose your partners wisely

When you play the game, you will be given multiple options to choose your partner whom you will date. As we know, Kim Kardashian has turned all his professional and personal partners into platinum range, so is your moto in the game. You must date as many people as you can and try everything to make your date a successful one.

But you will lose our popularity of you get dumped. Never do anything to upset your date, and you will get more fans to increase your ranking in the game.

Be social media savvy

In the game, you should always create the best profile and always stay tuned in your social media appearances. The gameplay is also aligned towards changing your outfit frequently, and as a result, you can go for photoshoots. These photo shoots are an excellent way to keep your presence on Social media.

Your action will divide the social media into two teams favourable and anti. But even if all are divided, you must always be on social media, so your presence is ever known to all.

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Be controversial

The best way to get more fans in the game is to have more controversies. From the beginning of the game, you will encounter some rivals who will regularly poke into your life. In some cases, they will publish comments that are not favourable to you. Don’t be upset on these times as this is a great way to gain popularity.

In such scenarios, you will be given some choice. Always take the opportunity of confronting the person like” I will take care of him” Your choice makes a great value in the game to change the story.

Know your Fans

To reach the higher tier, you must have countless fans and connecting your fans through social media is the best job of a celebrity. You should not also lack behind in this case.

Your tier ranking is increased as you grow your fans. You need 7.5 million fans to get into Tier A, and that cannot be possible if you do not have a unique ability. Also, you need to follow some tips to get more fans.

Bottom line

Kim Kardashian and Glu games are proved to be the best couple in the mobile gaming market.  Kim Kardashian Hollywood is one such game which gained so popularity that on the very next day of its launch, it became the no two game of mobile.

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