Free Steam Codes : 8 Ways Explained in Detailed

free steam codes

Top 8 Ways To Earn Free Steam Codes

In this article, we are going to tell you about all the legitimate ways to Get Free Steam Codes. Nobody likes to waste their hard-earned cash in video games, but this is quite addictive. You can’t resist the temptation of purchasing a video game if you are a hard-core gamer.

To fulfill their requirements, users find ways to get free money or codes to buy a game. For this, the steam wallet has come to the rescue. It is like a virtual banking system where all your gaming currency is saved, and you can spend them on unlocking games and buying items in the game.

Many websites claim that they know how to get free steam codes. But we found them quite puzzling. As a result, we dig into some methods and present you those methods to earn free Steam codes.

Steam is a video game digital distribution platform developed by Valve Corporation. It was launched in September 2003 as a way for Valve to provide automatic updates to their games.

Top 8 Ways To Get Free Steam Codes

1. Refund Games

Before telling you about the sites, let us show you first some tricks by which you can earn free Steam Codes. You must have some games which you bought but never played. We all do that, and it’s a common thing for gamers.

We buy games because of the obsession we have. So, we can use those games to purchasing a new game. You can refund these games and then buy a new game in return from the cash you redeemed.

Terms & Conditions Applied!!Nothing is easy in this world neither does these free steam wallet codes. You can redeem your game only before 14 days of purchase, and it can be sold if it is not played more than 2 hours.

2. Ask Your Friends

You can also ask your friends and relatives for Free Steam Codes. Yes, you have heard it right!! After all, sharing is caring. So, why not start sharing with friends.

3. CinchBucks

This site offers various opportunities to earn free steam gift card codes on your Steam wallet in the form of cashback from the popular cashback from Amazon, Walmart, Paypal, Payza and many more. Ever since its launch in the year 2014, it is serving its client’s various gift cards, cash, etc. by doing some small tasks like surveys, watching videos, completing offers, etc.

How to Avail Benefits? – To avail tons of perks in the game, you have to sign up on their websites, and they will let you know when a survey arrives. You have to take the survey and cash will be transferred to your Steam wallet.

Earn Through Referrals- There is one more way to earn in CinchBucks, and that is through referrals. All you need to do is put your referral link on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. With every joining from this link, you will get 10% of income who joined the site.

4. GiftHulk

It is another excellent offering amazing prizes and rewards by completing small tasks, watching videos and playing games as well. The points offered in the game are named as Hulk Coins which can be later converted into gift cards and cash.

How to Avail Benefits? – You can get all the rewards and Steam codes by simply signing on the site and get started. There will be some tasks waiting for you to be done and in return, you will get Hulk Coins.

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How to Get The Payments- Payments are given in the form of Amazon Card, PayPal Cash, Walmart Card, etc. through redeeming the Hulk Coins.

Invites- You can also get a 10% of earning of the other person who joined through your invite link. Each user will be allotted an invite link which he has to send to his friends or post on social media pages.

5. Swagbucks

This site is considered as the best site among all other reward-based sites spread over the internet. When it comes to earning free steam wallet codes without survey, Swagbucks is the first site that comes into the mind. The rewards available on this site are more significant than any other websites.

Earn Swags – The form of points earned on this website is called ‘Swags’. To make swags, you have to participate in the surveys held on the site frequently, complete some short tasks, watch videos and sending referrals as well.

Swagbucks Search Engine- Another easy way to earn swags is by using the Swagbucks search engine. You will get paid just for using their search engine. However, not every search will assure prizes and coins, but something is better than nothing, of course.  The number of swags by using the search engine will range from 4 to 100. Every time you open a new tab or search for something, you will get rewards.

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Watch Videos – Watching a short video can make you earn 4-10 swags in the game. Isn’t it an excellent deal? All you need to do is open the videos while doing your stuff and you will get coins.

Referrals & Invites – There are some popular social media sites where you can put your references and invites your friends like YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. And get 10% of profits of what they earn forever.

6. SurveyJunkie

It is another exciting platform for earning free Steam Codes. It is a survey-based website offers rewards only for taking surveys. It does not provide any other tasks or deals. There are different types of surveys available, and you can choose as per your convenience. It is among the most trusted sites on the internet for earning free steam wallet codes.

Type of Surveys – there is a broad category of surveys available which you can choose whether you want to take a phone call survey, E-mail survey, text survey, etc. The surveys are done on almost all research fields like testing products, review products, etc.

Qualify For a Survey – you can take surveys only if you qualify the tests. Don’t worry! You will still get rewards if you don’t qualify. There are other ways to get points which you will learn while doing only.

7. PineCone Research

It is a well-known market research company famous for its surveys and incredible rewards, including free steam codes no survey. There is a different kind of surveys available on this site and the kind of survey you will be given, depend on your skills. They will also take a small test to know about you, and if you qualify, you will be given surveys and if not than other jobs according to your level.

Their working –They will give you a notification whenever a survey comes up and also a product for testing sometimes. You need to start your survey and points will be provided which you can redeem later.

Type of Surveys – The type of survey varies on the person they are giving. There are different types of survey methods available, and you will be assigned as per your skills.

8. InboxDollars

It is another great website and a big competitor for Swagbucks in getting free steam gift card codes. In this website, you will get the chance to earn cash directly. That means you don’t have to wait for redeeming the points instead of start buying items for your games. It is working since 2012 and has been awarded an A+ from Better Business Bureau.

How Does it Work? – The site offers various tasks to be completed, taking surveys, watching online videos, shopping online, as well as clicking the links on the e-mail. With each job, they will provide the payment details, and you can choose what you want to do. By clicking on the links, you will be redirected to some pages where you will get the chance to earn even more cash by signing up. Signing up is not necessary, but it will increase your cash balance.

Referrals –You will also get paid for giving references on some popular social media platform. It is an excellent idea for earning cash life as with every joining you will get a 10% share of that person’s total earnings.

Free Steam Codes Generator – The Real fact

For all the impatient hard-core gamers, let me give you clear cut advice about using these generators. These generators might look like a quick and easy way for earning free steam codes no survey but think about it with an open mind. Why would anyone give you these precious codes so easily?

Stream codes are preserved carefully under high security and are not easily accessible by anyone, and it does not work with any other website. So please don’t let yourself become a fool by using these generators. This free steam code generator sites are a total scam. They will only take all your private details and use them later for frauds and hacking. Be alert with these scammers and don’t spoil your online privacy.

Everything comes with a price in this world, and so does these Steam Codes. But thankfully, you don’t have to pay for that as there is a way through which you can earn them for free by doing some small tasks, all of which we have mentioned above.


We have provided all the legitimate sites and tricks above where you can earn free Steam codes. All the sites have a good track record and are running for a long time. Choose whatever suits you best and get your free codes. Also never get into the scam of using these generators. They are completely fake, which will only harm your privacy and nothing else. Now start getting your codes. All the best!!

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