Easy Ways To Earn Free DragonCash in DragonVale Game

DragonCash is the lifeline of DragonVale. With it, players can purchase nearly every tool – Habitats, Buildings, Treats, Decorations, Dragons, and Islands. With DragonCash, you can also purchase Hibernation Caves, Boosts, participate in exclusive Quests, and purchase the best Treats for your dragons.

How to Earn DragonCash 

The fundamental way in which players can earn DragonCash is by putting Dragons in Habitats and collect the cash as a reward for when the habitat fills up. Once you fill up 80% of habitat with dragons, you will see cash overflowing from your treasure box.

Tap the “Collect” button before enough DragonCash is accumulated. Any amount of DragonCash you collect by filling up your park’s habitats will be added to your total DragonCash kitty.

You can also earn DragonCash by selling Dragons, winning prizes by racing your dragons in the Dragon Track, by completing events in the Colosseum, and by achieving daily game objectives.

If you have Facebook integration, you can visit your friends’ accounts and click on the ‘party hats’ in their dragon parks.

If you are unsure about all other methods, Then their is another popular way to earn free dragoncash in dragonvale by using draonvale mod apk which is currently a trending topic.

Buying DragonCash 

DragonCash can also be exchanged for real currency in the Market. The currency and rate of exchange depend on the country you live in and the level you’re playing the game in.

As you become a seasoned purchaser of DragonCash, you will be given “incentives” to earn additional amounts of DragonCash just by spending significant amounts on package deals, etc.

Collecting DragonCash 

The more DragonCash you have, the better are your chances of being a successful dragon collector. Your level dictates the types of DragonCash deals you are eligible to own. For instance, you can trade in 50 gems for a higher amount of DragonCash if you are a top-level player.

The game also offers players who take part in events with deals such as converting ‘Magic’ into DragonCash. With experience, you will be able to build diversified streams of DragonCash revenue.

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