Covet Fashion Cheats – Be the Best in Fashion

covet fashion cheats

Covet Fashion is a mobile game based on Fashion. Without any doubt that it is one of the best fashion games of the era, and that is why millions of fashion lovers play the game.

Players can choose lots of dresses from many amazing styles and every week, new style and dress launches. Many huge dress companies have given their dresses in it. That is why the majority of gamers to play it are huge and also growing every day.

Fashion is a never-ending thing, and there will always be something new in Fashion, and with the game, you can know a lot about it.

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Legit cheats to get a five-star rating

The game is much based on the rating because only wearing dresses cannot make a popular person in the game.

Every week fashion week happens, and get a huge rating and popularity, gamers have to take participate in the event, which quite important. Gamers can buy many amazing dresses from game stores and represent a bit on the show to attract the judges and other gamers who will give you the rating for your Fashion.

To be the best and get huge ratings to follow these few important covet fashion hack and cheats –

  • Make your own dresses – apart from buying dresses from the stores, and players can also make dresses as well. It is an amazing feature of the game because making a dress is a unique and creative thing. Making dresses will not create any problem for gamers because you will not find any other player representing the same dress in the show, and you will look different and unique.
  • Earn money and purchase dresses – There are many ways to earn money, and once they are to take participate in the events to earn a huge amount of money. There is one more way to earn money, which required daily log in. If the user logs in-game daily, they will earn a lot of currency also and from it, you can get many amazing dresses from the stores. With the help of money, you can buy many new accessories and attractive dresses that will help the avatar to look gorgeous.
  • Wear dress and accessories together – Both Dresses and accessories are the two major things in the game, and without these, you can’t do anything in-game. There are many shows and events that happens in-game, and to look beautiful in every show, players have to wear accessories and dress both together.
  • Play with friends and enhance the rating – Playing with friends will increase your knowledge and you will be able to enhance your skills of Fashion. Covet Fashion is all about Fashion and improvement, and without this, you are nothing. Every player has different choices, so learn from them and enhance your skills.

All these things will surely help gamers to enhance their fashion knowledge and skills, and without any doubt, many of the gamers have gained huge popularity from these tips.

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