Best Avakin life hack and tips to earn diamonds and Avacoins

avakin life tips hacks and tricks

When you have a separate virtual life, and you want to keep it secret from other people’s eye, you can explore Avakin Life. The game gives a complete experience of a new led life.

However, your secrets will require some hacks to have the best of fun in it. Read the following and earn rewards to play the game smoothly.

#1.            Unlock stories

You need to activate as many storylines as you can and then win further diamonds and Avacoins.  Numerous stories you have accessed are attached to your page, and the more diamonds and Avacoins fill in.

You are welcomed with free avacoins and diamonds for each new story. You have those cheats for life and run several games when you desire to win easily.  Each new revelation brings more EXP to your fund to help you earn a variety of prizes in later sessions.

#2.            Events

Active involvement in operations can attach the required amount of Avacoins to your game profile. Many events occur on a fortnightly basis in the game; you must continue to participate in these events. Getting involved in events will offer your wallet a lot of incentives.

Such cheats include tasks to be done at a particular time. You’re going to get more Avacoins with any challenging task. Such activities can add up to 100-1500 Avacoins to your wallet, as well as several other bonuses.

#3.            The mystery box

This gameplay has a unique hack, termed the mystery box. You can obtain all kinds of bonuses by mashing on this button; whether it’s a diamond or some other present.

This mystery box is a decent alternative for users for accessing the higher level while remaining short of coins. Mystery Box contains 5-100 Avacoins and several other prizes any time you click. You can even get surprises in the form of random gifts through them.

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#4.            Raise the level

About 1000-3000 coins will be applied to your balance each time you increase your tier.  You should level up and enjoy a new story which can affect a point of expertise to your profile and gain more efficiently. You gain XPs with Avacoins as you step up this game.

Plenty of fun missions are going to be offered to you through each new level; you’ll experience a completely different life experience.

#5.            Advertisements

Watching advertisements that are shown during most of the time, in-game is yet another way of gaining that money. 1-5 coins add up to the accounts of the consumer when the ad is finished.

So if you watch, more you can earn these free coins, and you need not worry about anything.  Apart from Avacoins, by viewing it, you can gain other rewards.

#6.            Buy Avacoins

There are always options in the game to get Avacoins through the store and In-app purchases. Offer and deals are frequently available in the game, and some of them give excellent discounts.

So if you want to spend some money, you must grab the starter pack, which is an excellent deal for beginners.

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